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November 17, 2011
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A mother named Lily, cradled twin babies in her arms. She sang a lullaby to quiet their cries. She set them down ently when they fell asleep, and when she heard a knock at the door. Lily went to go answer. "Miss, we are her to take your daughter, Rin" a man said holding up a scroll. Lily screamed and tried to hold the door away from the knights, the knights of Queen Luka, the queen who kept a dark secret. There is a legend that there is a dragon deep blow the village. There is a guardian adn a girl. The guardian requests the girl and the queen orders her knights to get her. The girl would have to sing prayers to keep the dragon away from that village. They went for Rin this time.
The knights opened the door and a knight helpd Lily tight. She cried and pleaded and tried to fight for her daughter. A knight named Rook picked up Rin. The twins were crying  from all the shouts and noises. They wanted their mother's soft voice and warmth. The knights carried Rin and walked to the csatle. Lily, stillc rying picked up Len and cradled him. Len had lost the right part of him.

----14 YEARS LATER----
The girl with the blonde hair to her shoulders, woke up. With an ankle braclet shining in the light, she walked on the freezing cave floor. She watned to just leave. She hated singing by force. She had a beautiful and calming voice, her bright blue eyes scanning the cave as always. She heard a high pitched voice "Sing!" someone commanded.  
The same time Len was in a field. He was looking for a girl. Not to marry or anything, his twin. He can hear her voice quivering and filled with sorrow. He vowed he would find her.
In Queen Luka's castle, a scholar with purple hair was being beat by the queen. Her foot on his face. "He disgusts me," she said "Take him to the dungeon." That was when a blonde boy broke into the castle. "Meiko get rid of him!" the queen shouted with a smirk. Meiko grabbed her sword and missed Len's head by an inch. It was a close call.
Len recognized Meiko, walking with her younger sister, Teto. She was the girl taken before Rin. "What about your sister!" Len yelled. Meiko stopped trying to fight the tears. "It's because of the stupid Queen! Don't you hate her? My sister got taken 14 years ago. Help me find her, I'm sure Teto would have want you to." he said. It got through. But the Queen got her other swordswoman, Ruko. Ruko and Rook were siblings.
Meanwhile a man with blue hair opened the dungeon with a smile, the keys in his fingers and an unconcious man in his other arm. "Kaito! I thought you would never come." Gakupo exclaimed.
"Well I'm here aren't I? I'm  sorry about Gakuko."
"It's okay, I'm sorry about Kaiko. When we stopped speaking our sisters were taken, one after the other. I guess it's our punishment."  Gakupo almost let the tears fall out of his eyes.  
"Why don't we help Len and Meiko." Kaito said cheerfully.
"Are they fighting the Queen?"
"No Ruko Yokune"
Gakupo and Kaito got their weapons and ran out to fight. They fought till there were too many, so they left. Everyone decided to help find Rin, they found the courage to help set the girl free, the same courage they were missing when their sisters were taken. They all became close. They went to a village and saw stranges tones in the ground. Perfectly flat and shining from the moon. Nobody knew anything. It was just a normal night.
Two girls ran up to the four. "Hello, my name is Haku and this is my best friend Neru," Haku began. "we understand your trying to save your sister. We found an entrance, When I was four and Neru was two, we saw some knights bring a small baby. Same eyes and hair color as you." She looked at Len.  Len knew what to do "Meiko get our weapons, Kaito pack our stuff up, and Gakupo, I am going to need to write a letter to my mother. An hour passed and Len wrote this letter:
Dear Mother,
I found Rin. Well the place she could be. I wanted to say that I love you and that I might not make it back. Stay safe.

"Neru could you deliever this letter? asked Len. The blonde nodded. "Neru get Mikuo too" Haku demanded.  Moments later, a boy with teal hair stood beside Haku, tears filling his eyes. "This is my Mikuo" Haku motioned to Mikuo.
His sister, Miku, is the Guardian. The one who made the descion to take which babies and make them sing. She was in an accident. She got hit by a carriage . Part of her face was destroyed. To save her, they put her in this ancient cave. Instead of becoming better, she was enraged. To make her not kill people, we kept her there. When Queen Luka came to power, thats when it started."
While Mikuo and Haku were talking with the four, Rin was still singing. She felt toe ground adn couldnt stop coughing. She would cough up blood recently. Here voice was hoarse and her throat hurt. "Singer forever" a voice said quickly.
Back with Haku, Meiko was gripping Kaito's shirt crying. "She loved to sing but because of the accident, it's impossible for her." said Haku.
"You should go now," Mikuo told them "She is dying." Mikuo walked up to Len and trembled. "K-Kill my sister" he ram away ashamed of what he had said.
Len and his friends walked down into the cave. They saw a tealnette. "Must be her" murmured Gakupo. The girl turned around with a smirk. Len could hear someone singing. He grabbed his sword and lunged at Miku, only to be met by her own weapon. He got cut.
Miku and Len kept on fighting. A fight to the death. Len had his word pointing at Miku. She leaned in, as to kiss him. But she pushed him back "Len watch ou-
Meiko screamed. There was a sharp gasp and a thud. Miku made people like things attack Kaito, Gakupo, and Meiko. "I-I'm okay" she said with gritted teeth. Kaito and Gakupo helped her up.
Len slashed his sword in Miku's face. She was really mad. Len looked back and saw nobody. He looked down and saw Kaito and Gakupo dead side by side. Meiko not too far away. The tears clouded his eyes and he felt dizzy.

Rin was singing, She collapsed on the hard and cold and stone.  Len was on the ground too, in shock and upset. His brain was clouded with memories with his friends and mother. Smiling without a care. But he lost part of himself. And thats what he had came for.
"History repeats itself" Miku half sang with a horrible pitchy voice. Len got up, and pushed Miku. His sword cutting off her mask. Her hair covered it. He lunged foward and reached his arm out. He saw a girl with blonde hair a little past her shoulders, a white dress to cover her slender body, and her gold anlke braclet. His arm outstretched to grab her.
Finally he thought She will come home.   He was almost there when...
YES!!! I always write about vocaloid stuff for our journals in LA/LIT and this is synchrocity. 6 PAGES LONG!!!!! I fixed some things that im too lazy to fix in the journal and stuff. >w< I HATE THE MIKUO PART I JUST NEEDED TO MAKE SOME PART SO ITS DRAMATIC AND MAKE EM GO TO LIEK THE PLACE.
Yes Gakuko said it's okay if i write my own version of synchrocity
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